Welcome to Our Practice!


Welcome to Troy Family Dental, a leading dental care practice in Longview, Washington. We're a small, highly personal dental office offering comprehensive services from simple fillings to the most sophisticated crown, bridge and denture restorations. What's different about us is out belief in very personal, quality dental care... the best dentistry we can possibly do.

General Dentistry Procedures

Dentistry has seen some pretty dramatic changes over the years. New materials and techniques have given us the means to perform some pretty wonderful transformations. Then children in our practice who opt for sealants often grow up with minimal decay. We can place dental implants to restore function where teeth are missing, or there are no teeth at all. For those patients who require "heroic" solutions to dental problems, we can help -- from post-cancer reconstruction to trauma resolution. Cosmetically we work real magic with bonding, bleaching, and an array of procedures to repair teeth and, not incidentally, your self-esteem.

But the most dramatic changes we have seen are the changes in our patients. Someone who feels good, looks good and enjoys the vitality that all the advances in dentistry can give. Please let us know if you have any questions. You are always welcome to call our office at (360)423-5240. We look forward to your joining our dental practice family!